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Ok!  First of all, guys!  How do you pronounce Ruud? 

Don't be shy about this! 

Ruud is pronounced the same way as the word "rude." 

So, while we are sure you will find us anything BUT rude,

we won't be offended when you call us rude/Ruud!

And now, our story as told by Pete:

I live in the heart of the Driftless region.
We are surrounded by bluffs and Class A trout streams.
The Amish share the roads with the farm machinery.
It’s perfect.

I moved away for college and fell in love with a girl who coincidentally grew up 35 minutes from my childhood front door.  We followed our hearts back to our roots. We came home, got married, and had four amazing children. Emily is my biggest fan. I thank her for supporting me and giving so much (including the dining room table when I used it as my work bench for months and months!). As we settled into our new community and our careers, I continued to explore the passions I spent years developing in my free time.

My mother taught me textiles and how to hunt and gather at estate sales.  We would find treasures of wool, velvet, and cottons.  She instilled in me that it was important to minimize waste and maximize quality.  We sat side by side as she patiently taught me quilting. 2x4s were noticeably stacked underneath the sewing table to minimizing the banging of my knees against the top of the stand.

My father taught me woodworking and the relationship between the crafter and the craft.  The respect for the forest and the trees that give their being for our art.  I am to be thankful for what has to give in order for me to take.


In May of 2017, we tragically lost our infant daughter. It was in that period of sorrow that I realized in order to process my grief, I needed to relight my passion for creating. Through Eleanor I found the leather craft and feel that she is a part of every piece I create. For her, we have named our most popular product - the Eleanor tote. We've been extremely lucky in that we were able to give Eleanor three younger siblings.  Penn & Whit arrived in August of 2018 and Georgia made her debut in March of 2020. 

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy your leather items!

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